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Popular addons for selected package

Quality Wax

We add a hand was of AutoGlym Ultradeep Shine that will help protect your car for the next couple of months.

Upgrade to a sealant

We will professionally apply a durable 2-part synthetic sealant to your paintwork that is normally only available in our Full Detail. Provides protection for 6 months+

Eye Level Correction

Machine polish the most visible areas of the vehicle to improve the appearance without added expense of full Paint Correction. Includes top of doors, quarter panels, boot lid and bonnet. Ideal for cars with minor scratches.

Paint Protection

Application of the latest and most durable semi-permanent coating. Restores paint thickness after the cut process with a coating more resistant to everyday contaminants. Provides protection for 2 years+ and makes cleaning the car twice as fast. Money Back Guarantee applies.

Interior Protection

Application of a solvent based fabric protection durable for indoors or outdoors. Superior to cheap aerosol scotchgards. Provides 12 months of carefree Interior protection of seats, carpets and mats.

Shampoo seats

Select how many seats you'd like shampooed before adding this addon.

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