Interior Detail
2 - 4 hrs

Price from $100 - $200 *

Key points

  • interior detail tick Thorough, professional interior clean
  • interior detail tick Bring life to your car interior
  • interior detail tick Relied on by many insurance companies

What's included

Thorough Vacuum of all cabin space including under seats, mats and between seats. Every nook and cranny is covered.
All Door trims, A, B, and C pillars and firstly pre soaked, then scrubbed with a soft bristle brush to ensure a deep and safe cleaning of interior plastic and leather. We use premium cockpit cleaner that are tint safe and wont cause discolouration.
Dash & console cleaned
Zero fragrance deodorizer
Cupholders and ashtray cleaned
Inside windows Streak- free
Full professional deep extraction AKA “Shampoo" of all fabric seats front and back, cabin floors, boot carpet, and factory mats . Child seats can be done at extra cost.
All interior leather gets pre-soaked and then scrubbed using short bristle leather brushes. We have various strengths of automotive leather cleaner and will depend on the condition as to which is used.
Automotive Leather Conditioner applied to all interior leather. We use a variety of professional products ranging from AutoGylm, Duragloss, and Leatherique depending of your leathers condition.
Air vents brushed and cleaned
Instrument console/dash thoroughly detailed with micro brushes
All interior plastics are protected with a UV matte factory protection. We use 303 aerospace protection and wiped to matt finish as not to attract dust particles which is common when using gloss sealants.
Optional High Gloss plastic dressing - no cost option on booking page

Popular Addons

Prices for these addons are dependant on the size of your car.

$65Interior protection
Application of a solvent based fabric protection durable for indoors or outdoors. Superior to cheap aerosol scotchgards. Provides 12 months of carefree Interior protection of seats, carpets and mats.

Customer Reviews

Matthew our car detailing customer

Matthew Cooper

Scrubs Car Detailing is a top-rate business and I am so glad I trusted them with my car. John was friendly and through explaining everything on the phone, I knew exactly what I needed after talking to him. They were very flexible with scheduling and agreed on a time that worked best for me.

Christie, a fan of our Brisbane car detailing

Christie Versluys

John was very helpful - as I had concrete all over my car. In addition to removing this he did a full detail inside and out.

Great communication, good pricing and most importantly an excellent job. I will definitely have Scrub's detail my car again in the future.

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