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Brisbane's best interior detailing service, if we can't fix no one can!
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Interior Car Detailing.
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The interior may not be the first thing people see when viewing your car butit’s just as important for personal comfort and adding the perfect finish to your vehicle. Just like our professional exterior details, Scrubs offers interior car detailing Brisbane services, by experts in the trade.

Keeping the interior of your car clean can sometimes be harder than the exterior. It can easily and unsuspectingly build up over time, until it's an overwhelming chore that negatively impacts on your comfort and space. Ensuring you keep your car's interior maintained, alongside the exterior, goes a long way in retaining the value of your vehicle.

Having the inside of your car clean and spotless is also crucial when putting it on the market. You wouldn’t sell your car before washing the outside, and the same applies to the interior. When people get up close or even test drive your vehicle, make sure they leave with a fantastic impression – your car that’s immaculately clean inside and out.

Car enthusiasts need interior cleaning that matches the high polish, sleek clean look, of the car’s exterior. We understand this at Scrubs, which is why we take interior car detailing just as seriously and professionally as our paint correction services. When it comes to show day, make sure your car is the complete package by trusting Scrubs to do a damn good job on both the interior and exterior.

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I thought I'd ruined the seat in my new car. Called Scrubs and they sorted it out same day. What a relief!

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Interior Car Detailing in Brisbane.
The Scrubs Experience.

As specialists in interior car detailing, Scrubs will come to you anywhere in Brisbane. Automotive interiors have a variety of materials that require specific chemicals and techniques. You need experienced detailers who know how to treat your car’s upholstery and leather, making sure it’s properly cleaned without damage.

There are a large variety of different interior types that come from a broad range of car manufacturers. We carry over 20 chemicals just for cleaning the interior surfaces of your car, including the delicate instrument panel and soft touch finishes of modern luxury cars.

Scrubs are the experts when it comes to professional interior cleaning, using specialist equipment that can professionally clean all internal areas of your car.

Professional interior detailing requires specialist products not available in auto shops. Proper upholstery cleaning requires equipment worth thousands, so the "doing it yourself" option is just not worth the time and expense.

Not all interior car detailing Brisbane services have the right equipment for the task or to achieve a professionally finished result. This is why it's so important to select the right interior car detailing service that gets in there, does an amazing job and at an affordable price. No fuss, no hassle, just thorough, comprehensive cleaning by professional interior detailers.

Keep your car looking new and feeling fantastic with a high-quality interior car detail done by the real pros at Scrubs.

Brisbane's best interior detailing service, if we can't fix no one can!
Prices are dependant on size and location of your car, call 1300 151 000 for an obligation free quote

All-Inclusive Car Detailing Services

Don't settle for anything less than a complete interior car detail service. Scrubs take due care and diligence in covering all the small interior cleaning duties, so you can have full peace of mind your car has been cleaned thoroughly down the tiniest detail.

The following are just some of the focus points we address when coming to you and professionally detailing the interior of your car. The time it takes for the job to be completed to depends on the size of the vehicle and its specifics (leather seating etc.). Please contact us and we can provide more information that relates directly to your car and long it may take to complete an interior detail.

Rubbish Removal
Rubbish adds up over time. Your car is your personal space, and it's easy to forget to keep it clean and spacious. No matter how dirty, how full of rubbish, we can easily, and efficiently remove it all, so we can get on with the real interior car detail.

Full Interior Vacuuming
All the floors, all the surfaces are professionally vacuumed with our specialised equipment. We will get your car carpet looking brand new again, and will remove stains and imperfections. Your car detailer can even look at ways to restore and repair damaged carpet, floor mats or other surfaces in your car once it has been fully vacuumed.

Seats & Upholstery
We will ensure you seats are spotless and fresh, assisting with stain removal and making sure all upholstery areas of the car are deep cleaned to make them look their best again. Vinyl, leather and other materials, Scrubs professional cleans and sanitizes to remove marks, odours and other imperfections.

Windows & Door Frames
Having the exterior of your windows and car doors clean is one thing, but a full interior clean takes time and effort. Scrubs have the cleaning equipment to get in the tough to reach areas, making sure the interior side of your doors are revitalized and fresh. We have the window cleaning products that will leave a crystal clear finish with no streaking.

Boot Cleaned
The boot is often neglected when it comes to cleaning. Not at Scrubs! You expert detailer will take due care to ensure it's cleaned with the same commitment as the rest of the car's interior. Let us make sure your boot space is available and clean for storage and transporting goods once again.

Dashboard & Console
The main interior areas of the car, we wipe down and remove dirt, dust and grime from even the tiniest places and crevices along the dash and console. We will clean glove boxes, ashtrays, the steering wheel and grip and all other items inclusive of your vehicle.

Under The Bonnet
For the enthusiast, keeping the mechanical side of your car clean can be very important. We can clean under your car's hood carefully, for a great result, using expert equipment that won't compromise the parts themselves.

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Whether you require an exterior or interior car detailing service or a combination of them both, no one does it better than Scrubs. We have everything needed to transform your car, keeping it fresh and clean with affordable services that come to you.

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